Here are a few recommendations about my work, from references and my LinkedIn profile:
“Warren provides very competent support through his in depth knowledge of Cognos reporting capabilities along with his exceptional ability to listen and consult with key stakeholders to develop critical but effective reporting tools for our business. Whilst we rely heavily on these reports to run our business, we also feel we own these reports through Warren’s supportive and consultative approach. This combination of strong skills positions Warren well above most others in this game in my opinion.”
John Delany

Business Manager, Eastern Australian Operations, Penske Power Systems (Formerly MTU Detroit Diesel)

“..During this time Warren was a valuable asset, always able to provide advice and support above and beyond that which was required. The quality of his work and his effort were always outstanding. My colleagues and I hold Warren in a high regard both personally and professionally. I have no problem in providing a positive reference for Warren and if the opportunity were to arise would have no hesitation in offering him another contract.”
Brad Fahey

Reporting Analyst / Developer, Penske Power Systems (Formerly MTU Detroit Diesel)

“Warren is a great enthusiast for finding business solutions and getting the job done. I worked with Warren on a number of projects and he was a dedicated professional with real energy for the task. I would recommend Warren to any prospective employer”
Rikki Toms

Project Services Manager, Boral

“Warren was always happy to listen to my issues with reporting and help me to learn and understand what is required to resolve these issues and provide the best result for my customers. Warren was always prepared to share his knowledge and to give praise where praise is due.”
Jeff Ainge

Customer Service Team Leader, Boral

“As my Team Leader at Boral Shared Services over a two year period I came to know Warren very well. He is a person who encourages an environment oriented to trust, open communication, creative thinking and cohesive team effort. In short, he motivated me and inspired me to develop my skills through facilitation of problem solving and collaboration. He recognised and celebrated the team’s accomplishments and where necessary he helped resolve dysfunctional behaviour. Warren coached the team to strive for consensus and dialogue. He kept our team on track and focused on our work, shielding us from worry about all the various requests that were coming in. Warren was also a conduit between the team members and other teams. Resolving issues between teams on dual team based projects. On many occasions I was told by customers that I was working for a “Top Bloke”. Warren was always ready to understand customer needs and to ensure we understood the customer’s business requirements sufficiently to produce a good outcome for the customer. This was a skill he had honed whilst working within the business as the Operational Reporting Manager. He had served on several user groups both as chairman and subject matter expert. Warren was within the customer headspace and could anticipate their needs. I would recommend Warren to anyone who is looking for a team leader with exceptional team coaching skills and an ability to focus the team on tasks at hand or on the internal and external customer requirements.”
Basia Wozny

Report Analyst, Boral Shared Business Services